One of my many tasks at Knowit was identifying problematic apps, and forming solutions that would bring the apps to their full potential. One chosen app was ForSea’s app. ForSea is a ferry company which sails across the Sound, a straight dividing Sweden from Denmark. ForSea operates five ferries, two of which are eco-friendly as they are battery operated, which ForSea takes great pride in.
Their current app is solely used for booking tickets and checking timetables, but their goal is to have an app that follows their customer from the moment they buy a ticket to the moment they’ve finished travelling and are once again home. ForSea wants an app which has coupons, offers, information about what’s happening on the ferries etc.  I took it upon myself to take this information and go further with it by creating an app that’s “alive”; it never abandons the traveller. 
The app's focus isn’t about "what you can do for us” ie. buying ForSea's food or buying at the taxfree stores, rather “what can we do for you” ie. how can we help you? How can we make your journey more pleasant? There is great focus on creating a helpful live chat and making sure that the traveller never feels alone or confused. 
The UI is colourful and lively with every element having rounded corners, even the typography is soft and inviting. The design is playful and easy, mirroring the soft waves the ferries travel over. The colors are based on ForSeas aquatic brand colors of turquoise, blue, grey and green.