So the current Linkedin app (only focus on Android) has a few issues: it has frustrating navigation; it’s a bit cluttered; and the design is stiff and outdated. When redesigning Linkedin, my main focus fell upon decluttering and bringing life to the screen. The app has a very cold corporate feel to it which I wanted to remove seeing as for some, Linkedin is associated with the stress and the hasstle of searching for job openings. So the main question became: How can I eliminate some of the stress associated with Linkedin by implementing a calmer design?   
Not taking into consideration Linkedin's brand colors, I chose to integrate a calmer blue and opened up the interface; which invites more whitespace, letting the eyes rest. I tried to make it more inviting and familiar, but most important of all, by introducing drop down sections I removed the need to scroll for all eternity to get to the final section of each screen; this saves time and worry.