Hey there,
I'm Linnea. My goal is to create memorable and meaningful experiences that shape the dialogue we have with technology. I’m based in the heart of Malmö, Sweden. Currently, I'm working at HiQ as a UX consultant. 
Previously, I studied graphic design at Malmö University, where I wrote my thesis on how we can create cohesive compositions in layouts ie. how we create perceptions of unity within a layout. Before that, I worked at the social media bureau Creative Peoples, where I worked under the collectively known title: Creative, where I photographed, staged, animated, designed and occasionally wrote copy. More recently, I did an internship as a UX/UI designer at Knowit, where my work focused on taking problematic pre-existing apps and redesigning them to their full potential. 
I spend my free time drawing everything from princesses to puppies, drinking way too much tea, and listening to podcasts that keep me awake at night. But most of the time, you’ll find me experimenting with points and pixels or testing new illustration techniques late into the evening. 
What I bring to the table: baking skills, brutal honesty (fair warning), color… like a lot of color, and an immense passion for my work. ​​​​​​​
February 2020 – April 2020. UX Consultant. HiQ 
August 2019 – October 2019. UI/UX Designer Intern. Knowit
July 2012 – ongoing. Designer. Freelance
January – June 2017. Creative. Creative Peoples
August – December 2016. Intern. Creative Peoples
January– March 2016. Designer. Handelskammaren

2019. Principles + Practises for Greater UI design. Udemy
March – June 2018. 15 hp Introduction to Motion Graphics. Uppsala University
January – March 2018. 7,5 hp CSS-based web design. Umeå University
2017 – 2018. 15 hp English for Professional Purposes. Malmö University
2014 – 2017. Bachelor of Fine Arts, major in Graphic Design. Malmö University
2012– 2013.  60 hp English Studies. Göteborgs University
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